We're a young group of proud native Romans who want to improve the connection between Roman citizens, visiting tourists and expats. We strongly believe that politeness and a smile can improve the way we relate to each other and, consequently, the world itself. Rome is a place where Past and Future melt one into each other in a truly magical way. Our own cultural backgrounds include a passion for the Arts in general, enthusiasm for Travel and a thirst for knowledge. Basically, we're not the typical Italian guys who are stuck in their City but people who have traveled the world to explore and understand different cultures, to speak with different people or, more in general, to think and act differently. So we do not always appreciate the way some tourists and long-term visitors are treated here in Rome and we feel that, through providing education, we can alter the local culture and attitudes. Even little changes like simply offering politeness combined with a smile can improve the way we all relate to each other and enjoy life experiences.

So we want to open the doors to our City to anyone who wants to live and experience life as a Roman!

We hope that you appreciate what we're doing as we need your support!