Rome is a wonderful place that, in advance, offers the possibility to watch movies in English language or in Italian with English subtitles. Whether you’re planning to come here for the summer or you already know that you’ll stay here in the next weeks or months, it’s important to know which theaters or Festivals offer projections for English speakers.


Among the opened movie theaters, in the center of Rome you can find Fiamma, Farnese Persol and Multisala Barberini, offering occasional screenings of blockbuster films in English language or in Italian with English subtitles. Cinema Giulio Cesare, whose film schedule includes some movies in Original Language with Italian subtitles, is very close to Vatican City and can be reached by foot from the center of the Eternal City. In case you’ll be staying close to Villa Ada and Corso Trieste, you should definitely go to Multisala Lux, a multiscreen where you can find some films projected in English; In case you’ll be staying close to Ponte Milvio or Cassia, your most reachable multiscreen will be Odeon Multiscreen. If your accommodation will be close to Via Boccea and Valle Aurelia, you should check the programming of Multisala Alhambra, very close to the Cornelia subway station (A Line).

The Eternal City also offers the possibility to attend some Summer Cinema Festivals, which are all located in wonderful spots in the center or in gardens, and some of them are for free. For example, the Trastevere Cinema Festival (in Italian “Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema”), located in a square deep in the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood, is a free-entry Summer Cinema Festival offering 21 projections in English language or with English subtitles. The Trastevere Cinema Festival will be opened until August 1st. “Casa del Cinema” (literally “Home of Cinema”) is another free-entry Summer Cinema Festival; it’s located in Villa Borghese, between Piazza del Popolo and the Borghese Gallery Museum, very close to Via Veneto. The “Casa del Cinema” Festival will last until September 7th. At last, “Isola del Cinema”, a Summer Film Festival with average price tickets located on the Tiber Island, will be a wonderful venue for a movie theater (with 3 different screenings simultaneously) during your summer in Rome. The “Isola del Cinema” Festival will last until September 4th.

Of course, everyone who’s interested in going to one of the mentioned movie theaters should, first, check the movies programming to ascertain that the films projected on that particular day are in English language (will read “V.O.”, in Italian “Versione Originale”, translated “Original Version”) or in Italian with English subtitles.




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  • Casa del Cinema
    Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1 (Entrance from Piazzale del Brasile or Villa Borghese Parking), 00197, Rome
    06 0608


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