Walkable Rome is glad to announce a new opening in Rome's neighborhood Monti: La Stanza, an art gallery by Studio Pivot, in Via Cimarra 57a. Its launch is set on October 26th at 6:30pm.

Conceived to develop a more fluid and accessible point of view on new emerging art and design creations, La Stanza is a concept store where one can appreciate limited edition works by Italian and international artists, highly selected by Rome's Studio Pivot. La Stanza art gallery is a former artisan studio in the heart of Monti, a very central and alive neighborhood of Rome; it can be seen like a counterpoint to lively watercolors, drawing and printings in limited edition that, along with photography and stylish design objects create a very particular emsemble that draws fully from the energy of its neighborhood.

For its inauguration, La Stanza art gallery hosts illustrations by Marialaura Fedi, Roman born visual designer and painter: its aesthetics, strongly related to Italian artistic culture, regenerate on a daily basis surrounded by the landscapes of the Roman countryside where she resides.

Among the proposed artists at La Stanza, there's the collaboration with the spanish Clara Cebrian e Curated By; the art director Anail La Rocca and the illustrator and commercial artist Pablo Delcan, both active in New York; the designers Gala Rotelli and Terry Di Rienzo and, for the arts publishing, GRAM Publishing and Colli Indipendenti. There's also the possibility to find limited editions by Beatrice Cerocchi, Simone Cametti, Luca di Luzio and many more.

Focal point of the exhibition is Fedi's drawing series Rome Wild Home, a tribute to Rome, its talents, its savage spirit that elevate theirselves in arts and its neoclassical architectures. The main subject is the Female Form, which for the artist is the human expression of grace and the strength of savage nature.

When in Rome, don't miss this art gallery!


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