We know what a blogger is looking for when he/she arrives in Rome; that's why we can provide specialized support for many kinds of articles to write. Depending on the blogger's curiosities, we can change spots, food places, bars, neighborhoods and still will provide very precise info about our City.

We're able to:

  • provide an insight into life in Rome, the Roman way
  • explain the differences in living among different neighborhoods, from a real local standpoint
  • give curated advice about the best gelato places in Rome
  • give curated advice about the most authentic Roman food, explaining what the Roman cuisine is, what are the best dishes and where to find them around the City
  • teach our clients how to cook authentic Roman food
  • give curated advice about events attended by locals
  • accompany our clients to "secret" spots that have different meaning to native Romans
  • teach our clients some basic Italian words and expressions, explaining the differences between neutral Italian and the particular accent spoken in Rome
  • organize different itineraries from different points of view (artistic, historical, natural) to explain the different parts of Rome, since Rome is composed of many different "layers"