My experience with Walkable Rome: ‘The best way to discover authentic Rome’; article written by Alessandra D'Almo, founder of


Rome is a daunting city. It is essentially a giant pit of ancient ruins, huge museums, world-class art, insane food, beautiful wineries and many, many tourists who know this.

Where do you start?

You could read one of the several hundred guide books on the city, which promise to cart you off to an ‘authentic’ location, joined by several hundred other tourists headed in the same direction.

Or you could learn about Rome from a real life Roman, from Walkable Rome.

Walkable Rome is a simple concept. Native Romans show you around their city by foot, according to your curiosities and tastes. You tell them the kinds of things you’re most interested in, anything from famous sites and galleries to restaurants and bars, and they use their extensive knowledge (earned from living a lifetime in Rome) to tailor an experience according to your tastes.

I run a ‘slow travel’ blog about Italy, with a particular emphasis on food, drink and lifestyle quirks. I had just over one week in Rome to learn about typical Roman dishes, where Romans like to eat, where they like to drink, and the kinds of quirky places tourists don't necessarily know about.

After a few conversations with Walkable Rome, I got the feeling they really understood what I was looking for. I had previously felt a little apprehensive because, to be honest, it sounded a bit too good to be true.  

It wasn’t. I spent a blissful week exploring Rome’s best eateries, bars, galleries and sites. Walkable Rome made reservations for me to eat at some of the best restaurants in the capital. We went for aperitivo in the evenings, explored enotecas which specialized in natural wines and I even learned how to make fresh fettuccine with a real life Roman.

The beauty of Walkable Rome is that it proves that Rome really is walkable. In fact, it proves that the best way to discover Rome is by foot. They lead you into the kinds of nooks and crannies you would be hard pressed to discover by yourself, up to virtually secluded panoramic view points, and to sites housing incredible works of art, which cost nothing to enter. If you’re interested in beating the crowds and making the most of the most iconic sites in Rome, they’ll help you with that too.

Walkable Rome is a young, fun company which will inevitably make you fall in love with Rome. They love their city and they want you to love it too.

It’s the sort of insider knowledge you just can't get from a guide book. You need people with a lifetime of living in Rome, and that's precisely what you get with Walkable Rome.


Alessandra is a lifestyle blogger, documenting her experiences in Italy on

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