Rome is the city that everybody visits for its history, arts, climate and food; few Rome’s visitors come to the Eternal City willing to play Golf although that can be seen as a mistake. Why? There are more than 15 Golf Clubs in and around Rome, many of them easily reachable by car and few of them by bus, too.


Rome is going to host the 2022 Ryder Cup, that will be played at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. This is the highlight within Roman Golf panorama after European Tour’s 2017 Italian Open, which will be played at Olgiata Golf Club, an absolute Italian Golf excellence.

Walkable Rome's knowledge about the Eternal City includes all Golf Courses in Lazio (the region where Rome is located) and among the services provided there are tailored Golfing Day Trips to the best ones among these courses.

Below, Walkable Rome’s Top 5 Golf Clubs in Rome for visitors:

1. Olgiata Golf Club
Largo Olgiata 15, 00123, Rome
"The gem of Rome’s Golf, Olgiata Golf Club is half an hour by car from the center. A must-do for golfers who visit Rome."


2. Marco Simone Golf & Country Club
Via di Marco Simone 84/88, 00012 Guidonia, Rome
"The 2022 Ryder Cup’s Course is set to become one of the best in Italy, although by now it still has its old style design. Aren’t you curious about it?"


3. Golf Nazionale
Via Cassia km44,500, 01015 Sutri, Viterbo
"Home of the Italian Golf School, Golf Nazionale is a glorious Golf course where 2 World Cups have been played. Windy and hilly, you don’t want to mess with it, but still it is funny and wonderful."


4. Parco di Roma
Via dei Due Ponti 110, 00189, Rome
"Reachable even by bus, it’s the closest to the Center. Home of two European Tour players, Andrea Pavan and Renato Paratore, Parco di Roma is one of Rome’s Golf excellences."


5. Circolo del Golf Roma Acquasanta
Via Appia Nuova 716/A, 00178, Rome
"The oldest Golf Club in Italy, Acquasanta is a stunning postage stamp suspended in the Ancient Rome atmosphere, being located in the antique Via Appia. A must-do for a passionate visitor."

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